The VK TAFE program parses and analyzes MPEG-2 Transport Streams. All functions are accessed through the main program toolbar. (see also VK Tools)


Open - Opens a Transport Stream

Stats - Display Packet stats (this operation is automatically run when you open a file). See Packet Stats

PCR Analysis - Analyzes all PCR PID streams in the transport. See PCR Analysis

PTS Analysis - Graph PTS/DTS values against the program PCR. See PTS/DTS Analysis

T-STD Analysis - Performs an analysis of the T-STD buffers. See T-STD Analysis

Channel View - View bandwidth usage of a virtual channel. See Channel View

IP Streaming - Continuous analysis of a TCP/UDP input stream. See IP Analysis

Packet View - Colorized packet view of the transport stream. See Packet View

Plugins - Configure elementary stream analysis plugins. See Plugins

Log - Allows you to configure detailed logging ouput of each analysis


Known Bugs and Limitations.



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