What is it?

Welcome to libvrmldb, and no VRML ain't dead baby!  Its just looking for the right problem to solve and one of those problems could be data representation.  Thats what this library attempts to address -- data representation via VRML -- although right now its in the test phase to see if/how useful the user community finds such a thing.  As this is an alpha release its still pretty limited with regards to the type of graphs it can produce and the backends it supports.

libvrmldb is not a query tool.  The relation to graph needs to be in its final state before invoking libvrmldb.  In other words, use the DBMS interface (e.g., SQL) to create a relation then use libvrmldb to create a VRML world from that relation.

Read on then take a look and let me know what you think about libvrmldb version 0.0.1,  source

Data sources

Supported data sources are

  • Postgres
  • Tab delimited text file (see  the limitations  of this simple implementation)
  • If you want to contribute (say an mSQL) backend its pretty painless.   See  how .  Write one and send it to me for inclusion in the next release.

    Graph types

    What kind of graphs can I produce, what do they look like (screen shots), and how customizable is the output?
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