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Founded November 1915

In 1915 a tent meeting was held by Rev. H.C. Smith assisted by Rev. J.V. Kirkland.  As a result of that meeting, on April 11, 1915, The First Baptist Church of Ardmore was organized with seventeen charter members.  Some of the charter members included the families of J.W. Parker, W.F. Mangum, and F.M. Whitt.  Soon after it's organization, a wooden building was erected and in November of 1915 the congregation moved into this new building.  On the first Sunday in March 1947 this building was destroyed by fire.  A new building was erected which included a sanctuary and twenty rooms.

In 1978 the church building was relocated to it's present location.  Complete facilities, including sanctuary and educational building, were erected.  The old property was sold to the city of Ardmore, AL and is now used as the City Hall.

March 31, 1991 a new educational building consisting of seventeen rooms and two bath rooms was dedicated. Building Committee consisted of Eddy Shannon-Chairman, Terry Wales, Alton Powers, Azie Magnusson, and Billy H. Smith.  

During the past 85 years, there have been twenty-four men who have served as Pastor.  These men are: H.C. Smith (1915), W.W. Jones (1916) , S.S. Hacker (1917-1919 & 1921-1923), W.T. Cobb (1920), J.B. Alexander (1925-1926), B.E. Franklin (1927-1928), Hudson Hicks (1932-1933), L.M. Laten (1934), Lucius Hart (1935-1938), Ewell Sexton (1939-1942), J.T. Hart (1943-1944), M.H. Willingham (1945-1947), F.W. Walker (1948-1949), J.T. Canup (1950-1951), J.W. Meadows (1952), V.T. Lewis (1953-1954), M.O. Blackwelder (1955-1963), E.D. Doris (1964-1965), Robert Couch (1966-1967), James Rolison (1967-?), Wheeler Kidd (?-1981), Paul Clutts (1983-1993), Sammie Brister (1993-2007), Chris Barnett (2008-2009), and Paul Mason (2009), Alan Hughes.